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Buffalo Nickel 40-Coin Rolls - Dateless/Cull/Low Grade
Buffalo Nickel 40-Coin Rolls - Dateless/Cull/Low Grade Buffalo Nickel 40-Coin Rolls - Dateless/Cull/Low Grade
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Buffalo Nickel 40-Coin Rolls - Dateless/Cull/Low Grade

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40 Coin Buffalo Nickel Rolls - Dateless/Low Grade/Cull Condition


  • Each roll contains 40 coins.
  • All coins are in low grade condition.
  • These coins are well worn, with little or no readable digits in the date. 

These rolls consist of Buffalo Nickels which don't make the problem-free Good or better grade. These coins will be well worn or could have scratches, nicks, dents, pits or corrosion. These rolls may also contain coins with dates, but will have other problems or damage and may be seen by some as culls, but they are still fun to collect and they are an inexpensive way to own one of the U.S.'s most collected coins!

Customer Reviews
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5.00 (Votes: 7)
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  • If there was ever a coin that shouldn't have been put into vending machines, this nickel is it. Coins reflect machine worn edges, meaning more than just the date has worn off. At $9 a roll, I'm not complaining about cost or pleasure of owning a handful of Buffalo Nickels, that aspect is great, rates excellent. My main gripe is that 40% of the coins rate as culls in my estimation, but "culls" not used in product description. I usually toss culls back into circulation that they might find a more appreciative owner for coins with cuts, gauges, discoloration/corrosion... That being said, I'm buying another handful, maybe get another 5 that are worthy of a 2x2 folder.

    [ customer was contacted and culls was added to the product description.]
  • Just as described but half still had the dates! Will purchase again.
  • As expected all my nickels were dateless. However I managed to soak them in vingar and peroxide. I received many from the teens as well as 2 from the 20's and one from the 30's. Idid not get all the coins soaked. Overall for $8 this is a really good product.
  • Well worn coins, can read some dates, good item for the price.
  • ordered two sets for my son. he enjoyed looking through them for 5 coins had dates or partial dates. will be ordering again.

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