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  • Fun DesignsWe provide our customers with over 100 different choices of well designed 1 ounce, .999 pure copper rounds. Some of our most popular designs include but are not limited to:
    • The Zodiac Series
    • The Dinosaur Series
    • Military inspired designs
    • Holiday themed stocking stuffers
    • Political, national pride and wildlife series
    • Tribute designs for the most famous U.S. and world coinage

  • Copper Demand and Pricing: Basic supply and demand, as well as historical data, suggests that as demand for copper increases, the supply of copper will decrease. Precious metal investors believe this will continue to drive up the price and are acting now to diversify their portfolios with copper rounds while prices are low! 
  • Affordable Gifts: It's undeniable that affordability has played a significant role in the popularity of investment copper rounds. With so many design options, there seems to be a copper round for everyone. Our low prices enable clients of all budgets to enjoy all the beauty that these copper rounds have to offer. They make great holiday, birthday, congratulations, graduations, or simple thank you gifts.  
  • Introducing Precious Metals and Collectible Coins to Younger Generations: Part of our mission at MintProducts is to inspire younger generations to explore the joys, and potential rewards, of investing in tangible assets. Copper rounds have become a gateway into the intriguing world of precious metals and collectible numismatics. Being able to hold and appreciate our country's first coin designs, famous coinage from around the world, and numerous interesting and fun designs, is something they will never forget.


- Selling for 20+ Years Online: MintProducts is celebrating our 20th year in business online in 2019. Over the decades, the MintProducts team has developed relationships with the world's most reputable suppliers of precious metals, allowing us to bring you the best quality products at extremely competitive prices.

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- Low Prices: For over two decades, we have sustained a competitively priced inventory and are always working to ensure they stay low, while constantly adding new products to our inventory.

- Free Shipping: We offer free shipping and insurance on every order over $99 that we sell. We also offer other fairly priced specialty shipping options, such as Express Mail and Registered Mail, to cover all of your shipping needs. 

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