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Other Collectible Numismatic Products

Here at MintProducts, we take pride in the diversity of our inventory and all the benefits it offers to our customers. We truly believe there's something for everyone at Our "Other" category is the gateway into products that are interesting, different, fun, and sometimes necessary.

COMPLETE COIN SETS: Gone are the days of struggling to put together not only complete, but quality coin sets. Take the stress out of completing your coin sets by purchasing your desired set(s) through MintProducts. We offer over 50 complete coin collections from cent sets to modern dollar sets. With our focus on quality, you know the set you receive will only contain beautiful coins that are accurately graded and as advertised. We also sell sets that contain proof and mint set coins that can only be obtained by breaking up valuable mint issued sets to make sure your sets are complete as possible. 

COLLECTIBLE PAPER MONEY: MintProducts offers paper currency from Colonial and Continental Currency (1700's) to Fractional and Large Size Currency.  We sell Gold Certificates, Silver Certificates, and more modern Small Size Currency. 

  • Scarce Colonial / Continental Currency: Highly collectible and increasingly scarce. This currency was among our countries first!
  • Confederate Currency: These large notes are extremely popular and are rich in history.  We offer $5, $10, $20, $20 Clipper Ship, $50, $100, and $100 Train notes, and they tend to move fast.
  • Fractional Currency: Also known as postage currency, we offer Fractional notes from 1862, 1869, and 1874. These interesting Fractional notes were printed due to widespread hoarding of small change during the Civil War. Our selection includes 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, and 50 cent issues and are sure to increase in popularity as the years go by.
  • Large Size Currency: We offer the most popular United States Large Size currency on the market.
  • Small Size Currency: Although not quite as old and impressive as the rest of our paper money offerings, small size currency remains a popular option for our customers. 

ERROR COINS AND DIE VARIETIES: Some of the worlds most famous (and expensive) coins are classified as error coins or die varieties. There are many different kinds of mint errors and die varieties, quite a few are extremely collectible and may carry a hefty price tag. We are constantly buying and selling some of the most interesting errors and varieties that exist in the market today. Some are very well known and actively pursued by many investors and collectors alike. Others are relatively minor and may be geared towards specialists. No matter what, a well rounded numismatic portfolio usually includes some of these interesting conversation starters.

COLLECTIBLE CIVIL WAR COINS: In addition to Civil War Currency, we offer extremely collectible Civil War era coins. 2019 marks the 158th Anniversary of the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, starting the Civil War. Civil War coins, currency and collectibles have been gaining popularity for decades and we anticipate interest will only increase. If you are an avid coin collector, Civil War buff, or just interested in our country's history, we hope our ever growing selection of Civil War coins and collectibles will meet your needs.  If you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to make use of our excellent customer service team.  

  • 1861-1864 Civil War Tokens: One of our most popular Civil War collectibles is the era's tokens. Civil War Tokens were privately minted in response to the hoarding of regular U.S. coinage. They come in a wide range of designs - some 10,000 different! Civil War Tokens are broken down into two major categories or types - store cards and patriotic tokens. We offer tokens that grade Fine to Extremely Fine, About Uncirculated, and/or Uncirculated.
  • Two Cent Pieces: Though well known to numismatists, few people outside the coin collecting community have ever heard of these coins! This was a relatively short lived series and were struck between 1864 and 1873. We offer Civil War era Two Cent pieces dated 1864 or 1865.
  • Three Cent Pieces: Similar to their Two Cent cousins, the Three Cent piece was a relatively short lived series struck between 1865 and 1889. We offer the popular Civil War era 1865 Three Cent Piece in very good or better condition. 

ANCIENT COINS: Old Ancient Coins are some of the most widely collected types of coins. The coins of ancient Greece and Rome make up the bulk of these old collectible Ancient Coins and encompass a vast array of coin designs. These old Ancients can be dated to before 500 BC and they end with the start of the Byzantine period in the 4th century. Many people wonder how such old coinage came about. The reason? Necessity.

In ancient times, owning cattle was a major sign of wealth and were actively traded. The problem was these large animals aren't very practical to trade and as world markets blossomed, the old ways of trading cattle became less practical. The answer was to create a practical means of exchange and the coin was born. Very few other collectibles can match these old Ancient coins' desirability as works of art, historical and religious significance, and overall scarcity.  Dollar for dollar we feel Ancient coins represent some of the best values in old and new coin collectibles today. 


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