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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions at MintProducts - Your Trusted Internet Coin Dealer Since 1999

Thank you for visiting You'll find our Terms and Conditions below. We strongly encourage all customers and potential customers to read through these policies prior to browsing our website or entering into any transactions. Please be aware that these agreements apply to all applicable entities accessing our Website and/or entering transactions, whether buying or selling, with MintProducts and that you, the customer, have agreed to the conditions set forth in these agreements by performing these actions. During the checkout process you will need to acknowledge that you have read and understand the following terms and conditions before you can complete your order. If you need any further information, please contact us at 1-866-665-6468.


When you, the customer, perform any of the following behaviors you are bound to the terms set forth by MintProducts: buying and/or selling products or services through the website, accessing and/or creating an account on the website, buying or selling products or services through MintProducts via postal mail, phone, or email. We reserve the right to change the agreements listed here and any company policies pertaining to buying and selling without prior notice to you, the customer. Furthermore, you, the customer, agree to be contracted in to any future versions of these Terms and Conditions by continuing to browse the website or partake in buying and/or selling transactions. If you do not agree with any of the terms listed we recommend that you do not browse our website nor enter in to any transactions, whether buying and/or selling, with MintProducts.

This agreement pertains to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Pre-Order Policy, Refund, Return and Exchange Policy, Shipping and Handling Policy, and MP Cash Program.


All Uncertified Coins, Bullion, Paper Money, Proof Sets, Mint Sets, and Ancient Artifacts are sold and guaranteed as authentic. We take every precaution to ensure the product(s) our customers are receiving are genuine, including inspecting for quality and authenticity and using a trusted supply chain of reputable coin dealers and mints. is not responsible nor can guarantee the grades received by third-party grading services upon submission or resubmission of coins sold by, whether the original purchase was certified or uncertified. Third-party grading services (NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICG) are held to the grading standards of each specific company. Please see the individual grading company’s website for more information on their grading specifications. It is important to note that grades can vary across grading services and numismatists. All uncertified coins listed within a specific grade or condition fall within the Sheldon Grading Scale used by the Numismatists. Please note that even when using a coin grading scale that opinions will vary between those grading the coin. We stand by the grades and conditions advertised on our website as each coin has been inspected multiple times and held to the quality standards set forth by If you have any questions regarding the grade or condition of coin(s) purchased from please contact us via phone, email, or Live Chat.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY takes every precaution to protect your privacy and uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. This means any account information you enter on our site will be seen by us and only us. We maintain a security certificate so you can confirm that you're ordering from a secure site. adheres to PCI compliant standards to protect against the misuse of customer credit card and personal information.

Credit Card information is not stored by Therefore, your credit card information, including type, number, and CCV security code is never seen by a employee when entered through our secure one page checkout. Once a customer or customer service representative enters credit card information on our website the information is sent to our merchant services and bypasses our stored customer records.

For more specific information regarding your privacy, including what information is collected, stored, and used by, please see our Privacy Policy.


MintProducts is an electronic retailer (e-retailer) and does not have a physical storefront. In order to conduct business with MintProducts and purchase products or services, customers must place orders through our secure online store located at Account registration is required to make online purchases and is easily setup with the input of a valid email address and password prior to or during the transaction. Without an email address and account, customers cannot purchase from our online store and must place an order with a Customer Service Representative.

Orders placed with a representative can be done from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday via our toll free number 1-866-665-6468. Please be aware that without an account or email address associated with your order you will not receive an order confirmation or regular status and shipping updates.

In order to take part in our MP Cash loyalty program you must have an account with a valid email address. For more information on our MP Cash loyalty program please click here or see the MP Cash Program section in the Terms and Conditions.


Placing Orders & Order Processing

All orders placed through our secure checkout or via phone with a Customer Service Representative are assigned an order/invoice number used to identify your transaction. For credit card and PayPal transactions, you're charged at the time your order is placed. Orders are downloaded from our system and sent to our Processing Department within 24 business hours of placement during weekdays, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days and MintProducts is not open for operation on these days. Most orders for in stock items are in the Processing Department for 2-4 business days. Processing times will be longer for Complete Coin Sets, Special Orders, and orders containing large quantities and can take up to 7-10 business days before being shipped. Processing times may take up to 14 to 120 business days such as in the event of Holidays, Pre-Sales, New Coin Release Periods, Significant Metal Market Activity, Periods of Extreme Order Volume, etc. If you have questions regarding processing times feel free to contact us. Payment by Check or Money Order can also delay processing time. Please see the Payment Method section of the Terms and Conditions for more information.

An order/invoice confirmation number is not a guarantee of shipment. We reserve the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason, regardless of payment method or price, with a fully issued refund.


At times, MintProducts will offer coins on a pre-order basis before the product is in-stock in our warehouse or released to the public. Pre-Orders paid via credit card and PayPal are charged at the time the transaction takes place. Please note that your order containing Pre-Order products will be held until the order is complete, even if the other products on the order are not Pre-Orders. Products must be ordered separately if you do not want them delayed with the Pre-Order.

Estimate shipping dates are made available and used with Pre-Order products based on information available to us at the time from our supply network and/or third party grading services. These estimate shipping dates should only be used as an estimate and not an exact ship date and can change at any time. Processing and shipping time frame of pre-orders may fall within a window of 5 to 120 business days (or more) after payment. If your order contains items that are readily available to ship, the order will be delayed until the Pre-Ordered or delayed items are also available. We will not ship the order in two shipments unless you contact us, request it, and pay an additional shipping and handling fee. We highly recommend placing orders for in-stock items separately from Pre-Order products. Pre-Orders and delayed items are subject to the same cancellation policy as in stock items. Please see the Cancellation and/or Return and Exchange Policy for more information.

Take Your Time Plan

MintProducts offers our Take Your Time Plan to customers wishing to make multiple payments on their order. Take Your Time Plan orders are placed via phone with a Customer Service Representative and cannot be placed online. A minimum of 10% down via credit card or check/money order is required at the time the order is placed. Product prices and order total are not locked in until the customer has made their last payment and may change at any point until the last payment has been made. Sale prices are not valid on products placed on Take Your Time Plan orders. The amount and frequency of subsequent payments is at the discretion of the customer, however, the order must be completed within 24 months time of the original order date. If the order has not been paid within 24 months of the start date, the order will be cancelled and MintProducts will refund the amount paid via check minus the 10% deposit.

Take Your Time Plan orders can be cancelled at any time within the first 120 days of order placement. After 120 days, regardless of amount paid, the order cannot be cancelled by the MintProducts customer. This cancellation period coincides with our ability to refund transactions. We reserve the right to cancel a customer’s Take Your Time Plan order at any time, for any reason, and will make every attempt to immediately notify the customer upon cancellation. Take Your Time Plan orders cancelled by MintProducts will be refunded within 72 business hours of cancellation.

By entering in to a Take Your Time Plan order transaction with MintProducts, customers agree to the terms set forth in our Terms and Conditions and Take Your Time Plan policy.


Fraud, especially by credit card, is a major concern for both retailers and consumers. MintProducts takes all precautions to be sure credit cards are being used legitimately. Every order placed through our system, regardless of placement online or via phone with a Customer Service Representative, goes through a verification process and fraud screening. Since MintProducts does not store Credit Card information and orders are placed online, we may need to contact the customer to obtain credit card information, verify order and address information, or request more information, including but not limited to customer’s Driver’s License, to ensure the order is not fraudulent. Please be aware that if the customer does not provide the information upon request, we may cancel and refund the order. MintProducts may work with law enforcement on suspected and known fraud cases when necessary including providing customer information. We reserve the right to cancel, refuse to ship, recall from the Shipping Department, or intercept United States Postal Service packages of any order that is suspected or found to be fraudulent.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on what information is collected and stored, and how it is used, by MintProducts.


Selling to MintProducts

As an e-retailer, MintProducts purchases coins and numismatic products from individuals, regardless of where the items were originally purchased. MintProducts does not list its buy prices on our website. These transactions typically occur via postal mail, phone, or email and not through our online store.

MintProducts will not lock in buy prices until the items have been inspected by a MintProducts Numismatist to ensure authenticity, quality, grade, and condition. Buy prices are based on wholesale market prices and the Metals Market spot pricing at the time the inventory is received. We will make Preliminary Offers to Sellers via phone or email based on information provided by the Seller, but no official Buy Offers can be extended or accepted until the inventory has been thoroughly inspected.

Once MintProducts receives a Sell List from a Seller, a Preliminary Offer will be made within 3-5 business days. Upon acceptance of the Preliminary Offer, the Seller can ship their inventory to MintProducts. Sellers are responsible for Shipping and Insurance on packages sent to MintProducts. Upon acceptance and inspection of the Seller’s inventory, MintProducts will contact the Seller with a Buy Offer; based on the Preliminary Offer, Metals Market spot pricing, Wholesale Pricing, and inspection of Seller’s inventory. Buy Offers can be accepted or rejected by the Seller. If the Buy Offer is accepted by the Seller, a check in the agreed upon amount will be shipped via standard U.S. Postal Mail within 72 business hours. We will not expedite or overnight Buy Offer checks to Sellers. If the Buy Offer is rejected by the Seller, MintProducts will ship the Seller’s inventory back to the Seller with Shipping and Insurance included.

MintProducts makes no guarantees on Buy Prices or profitability of products purchased from, regardless of when they were purchased. For more detailed information on liquidating your coins and collections see our Selling to MintProducts page.


MintProducts also offers appraisal services to our customers. These services are done as a paid service on location if the customer is local to New Hampshire or via Postal Mail if not local. Customers are not required to sell their inventory to MintProducts and will receive a copy of the appraisal. Please contact us via phone at 1-866-665-6468 for more information on appraisal rates and policies.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Credit Card, PayPal, Checks, Money Order, Bank Wire,

Take Your Time Plan, MP Cash

MintProducts accepts Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wire, Bitcoin/Bit Coin Cash and Ether, and MP Cash as payment for orders and transactions.

Credit Card/Debit Card

MintProducts accepts U.S. Bank issued Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards and debit cards as a payment method for online and phone transactions. All orders paid via Credit Card/Debit Card are charged at the time the order is placed. MintProducts does not store credit/debit card information, therefore, your credit/debit card number will need to be entered into checkout or given to a Customer Service Representative for each individual transaction.

MintProducts does not accept American Express credit cards or non U.S. Bank issued credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover gift cards can be used at checkout but may delay your order as they require extra screening to ensure their validity. We may request additional information from customers in regards to credit card transactions as stated in our Fraud section of our Terms and Conditions.


MintProducts accepts PayPal as a payment method for online transactions only. PayPal cannot be used as a form of payment for orders placed via phone with a Customer Service Representative, with the exception of Take Your Time Plan orders. When selected at checkout, customers will log in to their PayPal account to complete the transaction with MintProducts. Please note the transaction may appear on your statemnet as Rare Coin Assets, LLC and not MintProducts.


For orders with a total value of $7,499 or less, MintProducts accepts Personal Checks, Bank Issued Checks and Business Checks drawn on U.S. Banks, as payment for orders placed online and via phone transactions. We do not accept starter checks or convenience checks. Checks must be mailed to our mailing address: PO Box 10592 Bedford, NH 03110 within 48 business hours of order placement and confirmation. We reserve the right to cancel any order paid via Check where payment does not arrive within 7 business days. Orders paid via Check may be held for up to 10 business days after payment is received and before being released to the Processing and/or Shipping Department. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  

Any orders with a total value of $7,500 or greater must be paid using a Bank Wire.

At this time, MintProducts does not accept electronic checks or e-checks. All checks, whether personal, business, or bank must be received via postal mail.

Money Orders

For orders with a total value of $7,499 or less, MintProducts accepts Money Orders drawn from the U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Banks, MoneyGram, and Western Union as payment for orders placed online and via phone transactions. Money Orders must be mailed to our mailing address: PO Box 10592 Bedford, NH 03110 within 48 business hours of order placement and confirmation. We reserve the right to cancel any order paid via Money Order where payment does not arrive within 7 business days. Orders paid via Money Order may be held for up to 10 business days after payment is received and before being released to the Processing and/or Shipping Department.

Any orders with a total value of $7,500 or greater must be paid using a Bank Wire.

Bank Wire

Bank Wire or payment via electronic transfer from the Customer’s bank to MintProducts's bank is accepted on transactions with orders sub-totaling $1,000.00 or more. Bank wires must be dated, confirmed, and received within 48 hours of order confirmation or the order is subject to cancellation by MintProducts. The customer is responsible for any bank related fees to complete the wire transfer. Additional fees may be charged for Wire Transfers on orders sub-totaling less than $1,000.00. Please contact MintProducts via phone at 1-866-665-6468 during business hours to obtain Bank Wire information.

Take Your Time Plan

Accepted payment methods for Take Your Time Plan orders are Credit Card, Check, and Money Order. PayPal invoices can be sent upon request. We cannot accept Bank Wire Transfers for Take Your Time Plan orders unless the amount of each payment is $1,000.00 or more. Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash and Ether are not an accepted form of payment for our Take Your Time Plans. MP Cash cannot be used to make payments on a Take Your time Plan order.

MP Cash Program

During checkout at, a customer’s current MP Cash value will be automatically deducted from their order subtotal enabling the customer a discount of up to 25%. If a customer does not want to redeem their MP Cash at that time, they must change the amount of MP Cash being redeemed at checkout to zero. MP Cash is redeemed at a value of 100 MP Cash = $1.00 at checkout. MP Cash has no cash value and can only be used at the checkout. For more information on our MP Cash Program please see our MP Cash Program page or the MP Cash Customer Loyalty Program section below.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: Shipping and Handling, Insurance, Lost Packages

Shipping and Handling

MintProducts ships all of its packages discreetly through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and does not indicate contents of the order via the packaging. For domestic orders subtotaling $99.00 or more at checkout we offer free USPS Shipping via the method of our choice, either First Class or Priority Mail. Domestic orders with subtotals of $98.99 or less are subject to a minimum Shipping and Handling fee of $3.99 for USPS First Class Mail. USPS Priority Mail and USPS Registered Mail Shipping options are offered starting at $8.99 and increase accordingly based on order subtotal. USPS First Class Mail has an estimated delivery time frame of up to 5 business days, USPS Priority Mail estimated delivery time frame is up to 3 business days, and USPS Registered Mail estimated delivery time frame is up to 14 business days, though average is 7-10 business days. Please note the USPS includes Saturdays in their shipping estimates. In extreme cases, shipments may take up to 90 business days from the time payment is completed and the order is delivered, such as during Significant Market Activity, Pre-Sales, USPS Delivery Delays/Outages, etc.

Orders subtotaling $1,000.00 or more will require a signature upon delivery. Customers who prefer utilizing Signature Confirmation, can purchase it for an additional $3.00 at checkout for orders subtotaling under $1,000.00. If the customer or an adult aged 18 years or older is not present at the shipping address to sign for the package it will be brought to the customers local U.S. Post Office. The customer’s US Postal Carrier should leave a note indicating a signature could not be obtained. In this case, the customer must pick up the package at their local U.S. Post Office or arrange re-delivery. If the customers package is at the U.S. Post Office for more than 14 business days it will be returned to MintProducts at the discretion USPS. Customers are responsible for paying the shipping fee for reshipment. Exceptions for reshipment fees will be made for packages that were addressed improperly by MintProducts where the correct address was provided.

MintProducts will ship to the billing address associated with the payment method of the order. Customers should review and verify their shipping and billing addresses at checkout to ensure the information is correct and their order will be delivered to the proper address.  If the address is incorrect, please contact us to make an adjustment as quickly as possible.

We will only ship to alternate addresses at our discretion and may require additional information from the customer before approving an alternate shipping location. At times, MintProducts will ship packages as USPS Restricted Delivery, even if the customer has chosen an alternate shipping method. USPS Restricted Delivery packages require photo I.D. verification and signature at the time of order delivery or pick up and only the named addressee can obtain the package. MintProducts does not ship to UPS Stores, Mailboxes Etc. or Virtual Offices. Although we primarily ship through USPS, we reserve the right to utilize other shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, etc. at our discretion. Custom shipping such as Express, Next Day, and Expedited Delivery is available for an additional charge but is at the discretion of MintProducts. Please contact a Customer Service Representative via phone to arrange USPS Express or Expedited shipping and handling.

All customer addresses are stored in the Address Book in the My Account section. Any address changes need to be performed through the address book prior to checkout. MintProducts will ship to the address listed on the invoice, regardless of the address of the customer's last order. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their address is correct upon checkout. MintProducts is not to be held liable for packages that are incorrectly delivered if the customer supplied an incorrect address upon order completion. If the package is shipped to an address the customer no longer resides per customer fault, MintProducts will assist as much as possible to recover the package. However, once the package is delivered, it is usually hard to recover, even with assistance from the Post Office. Refunds and reshipment of orders sent to incorrect addresses per fault of the customer are at discretion of MintProducts but are not to be expected. If the incorrectly addressed package, at fault of the customer, is not yet delivered, MintProducts in conjunction with USPS can try to intercept the package. Any package interception fees will be the responsibility of the customer and no future orders will be taken until the interception fee has been paid. Intercepted packages are generally held at the Post Office closest to the customer to pick-up only. 

For a comprehensive listing of our Shipping and Handling Rates and policies see our Shipping and Handling page.

Insurance and Lost Packages

All packages are insured through third-party insurance. If you do not receive your order, you must contact MintProducts within 14 days of shipping notification. If we are not contacted, we reserve the right to not honor the original order and will not reship the coins or refund the order. Once a MintProducts order is delivered by the shipping carrier, with proof by Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation, it is no longer covered by our insurance. If your order has become lost in transit or is missing in the shipping carriers system an Insurance Claim will be filed once the customer has sent us the appropriate documentation to file the claim. Please contact us via phone if you believe your package is lost or missing. Insurance Claims must be filed within 90 days of the shipment. In the case of lost or missing shipments, we cannot guarantee reshipment until our Claim has been reviewed and a decision has been granted. The customer can at anytime, place a new order and request a refund and/or credit after the claim is settled.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Bullion, Pre-Orders, Special Orders, Non Bullion Orders, Order Modifications

Bullion, Pre-Orders, Special Orders

Bullion Orders (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) as well as Pre-Orders (regardless of non-bullion) and Special Orders cannot be cancelled. A 10% cancellation/restocking fee OR the difference between the price at which the product(s) were sold to you and the current price(s) (whichever is greater), will be incurred on all Bullion, Special, or Pre-Orders not paid for, cancelled or returned. MintProducts must be notified of cancellations via telephone with a Customer Service Representative or via voice mail message. Emails will not be accepted as cancellation notices for Bullion, Pre-Order, and Special Orders. Once shipped, orders containing Bullion, Pre-Order, or Special items cannot be cancelled, refunded, or returned for a refund. Packages that are refused upon delivery will abide to the same policies. Once shipped, all Bullion, Pre-Order, and Special orders fall subject to MintProducts Return and Exchange Policy.

Non-Bullion Orders

Non-bullion and non-special or pre-order items may be cancelled free of charge, up until shipment. Post shipment, eligible products are subject to MintProducts Refund, Return, and Exchange Policies. MintProducts must be notified of cancellations via telephone with a Customer Service Representative or via voice mail message. Cancellations cannot be accepted via email. Refunds for cancelled orders are processed within 72 business hours but are at the discretion of MintProducts and may be delayed.

Order Modifications

MintProducts will allow customers to make additions to orders that have not yet shipped on a case by case basis. Customers must notify MintProducts via phone to make additions to open orders and process additional payments. Order additions may be subject to additional shipping and handling fees.


Products that are not satisfactory and are eligible for return may be returned within 7 days of receipt for refund or equal exchange via our Refund, Return and Exchange Policy. MintProducts will not issue refunds for returned non-eligible products including: Bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum), special orders, opened Proof Sets and Mint Sets sold as Unopened, or products that have been tampered with, cleaned, or graded by a third-party grading service after delivery. Non-eligible products cannot be returned and are subject to our Exchange Policy only.

Refunds issued for eligible Non-Bullion products returned to us in “as sold” condition are processed within 72 business hours of the receipt of the returned product. In certain circumstances, refunds may be delayed beyond 72 business hours. Refunds are made via the Payment Method used at checkout - Credit Card, PayPal, or Check.

Postage paid on returned or exchanged products is non-refundable. We recommend USPS First Class Mail Shipping when returning items. Insurance is at the customer's discretion but recommended. Postage to MintProducts for returned orders may be refunded in certain cases at our discretion but is limited to maximum refund of $10.00 and does not include Express, Next Day, or Expedited shipping.

Exchange Policy

Due to Market fluctuations, Bullion products (Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins) where the price is related to the spot metals market, as well as Pre-Orders, can only be exchanged and cannot be refunded. Customers must contact MintProducts within 7 days of receipt if they wish to exchange a product. Postage paid on exchanged products is non-refundable. MintProducts recommends USPS First Class Mail Shipping when exchanging items. Insurance is at the customer's discretion but recommended. Postage to MintProducts for exchanged orders may be refunded in certain cases at our discretion but is limited to maximum refund of $10.00 and does not include Next Day or Expedited shipping.


Prices on all products on our website are subject to change at any time. Customers are not eligible for refunds/credits if the price of the product(s) they ordered changed prior to order shipment.

Most, if not all, Bullion Products (Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins) on our website are considered to be on Real Time Pricing where price is directly tied to the spot metals market. These are dynamic prices that are constantly changing while the market is open. Bullion Product prices will continue to change in the shopping cart and on the Customer’s Wishlist until checkout. We are not responsible for incorrect bullion-related prices from faulty spot metals market feeds or human error.

Unless stated otherwise, prices listed are for one item. This includes items with pictures of multiple items (ex. rolls) and items with plural descriptions. MintProducts strives for accuracy in its pricing. However, we are not responsible for typographical or programming errors related to pricing on our website, emails, or advertisements. MintProducts has the right to cancel or refuse any orders placed for a product that is incorrectly priced regardless of order confirmation.


We aim to educate our clients and always encourage customers to understand the risk involved with purchasing coins and bullion products before making any purchases. By purchasing from you are accepting full responsibility for any risk involved in the fluctuation of value, pricing, or metals market associated with the products you have purchased from us. MintProducts and/or its employees do not and cannot offer investment or financial advice or recommendations.


Customers with a valid email address and MintProducts account are eligible to take part in our MP Cash Loyalty Program (formerly called the Customer Reward Program). Customers without a valid email address and/or account cannot participate in the program. Each purchase made while logged into a MintProducts account (or over the phone, if applicable) is eligible to earn MP Cash. The MP Cash can then be used as discounts during checkout on future online purchases.

Customer’s MP Cash balance is automatically deducted at checkout from the subtotal unless the customer changes the MP Cash value being redeemed to zero. MP Cash cannot be used for Shipping and Handling or Sales Tax. MP Cash at this time, does not expire, but can only be used for up to a 25% discount off any order.

All products are set to receive a fixed or automatic amount of MP Cash regardless of the dollar value of the product. The MP Cash value of a product is determined by and is at the discretion of MintProducts and can change at any time.

Customers can earn 100 MP Cash by electing to receive our Promotional Emails (this is a one-time opportunity per email address and account). Customers can also earn MP Cash by writing and submitting product reviews for the items they have purchased. Each review for a verified purchase can earn 25 MP Cash. MP Cash earned for Promotional Email signup and product reviews are automatically added to accounts if the account was created on or after November 4, 2019 or for previous accounts with new reviews after November 4, 2019.

Customers cannot view their MP Cash or Customer Reward Point activity from 04-05-2012 to November 3, 2019. Orders prior to 04-05-2012 are not eligible for the MP Cash Program. By placing an order you are agreeing to the rules of the MP Cash Program. For more information on our MP Cash Program, its specifications, and how to use MP Cash, please visit our MP Cash page here or contact us via phone, email, or Live Chat.


Coupon Codes made available by MintProducts, via promotional advertisements or email specials offers, are limited to one use per household unless otherwise noted. Coupon codes must be entered at checkout and are only valid on eligible products. Coupon codes cannot be combined for multiple discounts on any one product(s).


Select products on will allow Customers to Submit An Offer to negotiate the price of the product. Offers submitted will be accepted or declined within 48 business hours. Once an offer is accepted, the Customer will receive a coupon code that when used, will enable the Accepted Offer price at checkout or the customer will be instructed to call a Customer Service Representative to place their order via phone at the Accepted Offer price.


MintProducts will never spam or solicit its customers. Read more about our Privacy Policy for details on how the information collected from our customers is stored and used, and how you are protected.

MintProducts will only contact Customers via the email address and/or telephone number(s) provided. Customers will receive “Fulfillment Status” and “Payment Status” emails in relation to orders as it goes from Processing to Shipping. Customers cannot opt out of receiving these emails. Customers should be sure to enter a valid telephone number and email address where they can easily be reached in case there is an issue with their order.

To receive our Promotional Emails about our new product releases, sales, coupon codes, or special announcements, customers must elect to receive them during registration and/or checkout or elect to receive them via the Email Signup Box in the MintProducts homepage footer. Customers will not receive these emails unless they have opted to. Customers can unsubscribe from these emails at any time through a link in the email.

Customers will receive Back In Stock Email Notifications only if they have signed up for these notifications. These are courtesy emails that MintProducts offers to customers who have opted to receive them for certain products.

If you have unsubscribed from receiving our Promotional Emails and would like to re-subscribe to them, please contact us via email or phone to receive the re-subscription instructions or click here and fill in the form.


The product images on the website are meant to be an accurate representation of the product you will receive. The coins you receive will match the quality of the picture shown. MintProducts uses "stock images" for products that we buy and sell often. 


Customer Privacy is important to MintProducts. We will never spam or solicit customers. Read more about our Privacy Policy and how the information collected from our customers is stored and used, and how customers are protected on our Privacy Policy page.


All content presented on including graphics, logos, images, and slogans are the exclusive property of MintProducts or its affiliates and protected by national copyright laws.

Terms and Conditions updated as of September 2022.
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