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For 20+ years, MintProducts has supplied the highest quality silver bullion and collectible silver coins at some of the lowest, upfront prices online. We offer a huge, diverse silver inventory, packed with U.S. Mint silver bullion issues, popular silver bullion releases from around the world, silver bars of various sizes from the most well known refineries and world mints, and the most popular and widely collected numismatic silver coins from the United States and across the globe.

We know that having lots of options can sometimes be overwhelming. Rest assured that the team at MintProducts is here to help. Over the last two decades, our experience in the precious metals industry has helped us identify the most sought out silver coins and bars on the planet. These products have stood the test of time, and will help diversify even the most impressive investment portfolios with tangible precious metal assets. We believe knowledge is power, so we hope the breakdown below helps!


AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE: By far our best seller, Silver Eagles are the official bullion coin of the United States, and have been issued by the U.S. Mint since 1986. These beautiful silver coins are the result of the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 and are the most popular Silver Dollars on the market. These one ounce silver dollars are a natural coin for collecting as they’re relatively inexpensive (especially compared to gold) and are backed by the United States Government. Since the American Silver Eagle program’s inception, the U.S. Mint has also issued a variety of special finish Silver Eagles including Proof, Reverse Proof, Enhanced, and Matte (also known as Burnished or Vapor Blasted). Some special finishes, such as the Reverse Proof or Enhanced, are only available in special Anniversary Sets. These sets generally commemorate the anniversary of a specific Mint Branch or the Silver American Eagle Program itself. Click the American Silver Eagle image below to view all our American Silver Eagle products and lock in your price now! 

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 5 OZ SILVER COINS: The America Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 allows for the U.S. Mint to issue quarters and 5 ounce .999 fine silver coins (that have an incredible 3 inch diameter) each year until one has been released for each U.S. state and territory. The program will run for 12 years from 2010 through 2022. The five ounce silver coins are a great option for those who do not collect quarters but admire the beauty of the National Park quarter designs. 

The America The Beautiful 5 ounce silver bullion coins are of the same exact design of the standard quarter dollars and only differ by their metallic composition, their edges, and of course their size. The edge of the America the Beautiful Silver Coins are not reeded as on the standard quarters, but instead are plain with incused edge lettering stating the coin’s fineness and weight. The U.S. Mint strikes two versions each year, a bullion finish and a burnished finish. Click the product links below to learn more about the America the Beautiful 5 oz series, or to make a purchase!

BULK U.S. 90% + 40% SILVER COINS: Ever since 90% + 40% silver coins were removed from circulation in the 1960's, they have been a popular collector’s coin. Our average circulated 90% silver coin bags contain mostly pre-1965 issues of dimes, quarters, and half dollars, though you may find a few modern day 90% silver coins or coins dated from as far back as the 1800’s as well. Sample handfuls from each bag are checked to ensure you are receiving a nice mixture. Investors and collectors alike enjoy our formerly circulated silver coins because of our low premiums and our ability to customize our mix to better serve our clients. Click the product image below to view all of our 90% and 40% silver bag products and lock in your price now!

U.S. SILVER TYPE COINS: Another popular way to add silver to any coin collection, or precious metal investment portfolio, is to buy U.S. silver type coins that have both silver content and numismatic value. These are coins that typically carry a premium over their metal content and may be more likely to experience an increase in value over time. Our selection of U.S. silver type coins ranges from the 1800's to the 1960's. Click the product image below, and you'll be taken to our vast inventory of U.S. silver type coins.

1878-1935 U.S. SILVER DOLLARS: MintProducts offers an ever expanding selection of U.S. Silver Dollars for the silver coin collector. Our inventory includes uncirculated, circulated, and certified Morgan and Peace Dollars with many dates and grades to choose from. We also offer Silver Dollar Sets.

The minting of Silver Dollars in the United States began with the Flowing Hair Dollar in 1794. Although there were several different Silver Dollar designs since then, the Morgan and Peace Dollars are the most collected and well known U.S. Silver Dollars that have ever entered into circulation. Click the image of the Morgan Dollar below to view our complete selection of U.S. Silver Dollars!

All United States Mint issued silver coins are backed by the United States government for metal content. They feature iconic designs and widespread popularity, making them pleasing to the eye, fun to collect and easy to liquidate. 


CANADIAN 1 OZ SILVER MAPLE LEAFS: We are proud to offer the newest Canadian Coins, the 2019 Canadian MINTSHIELD™ Silver Maple Leafs, and all other major releases from the Royal Canadian Mint, as well as our ever present Canadian Silver Dollars. All of our Silver Maple Leafs are in full gem uncirculated condition and were struck at the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). These Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are one of the most popular world silver coins with collectors, and the astute investor will buy them in bulk to keep as an investment. Canadian bullion coins, especially their Silver Dollars and predator series, are also always popular with collectors and investors alike. Each Canadian Maple Leaf Coin contains one ounce of 99.99% fine silver, while Canadian Silver Dollars are struck in 80% fine silver and contain .60 oz of pure silver. Our Canadian Silver Dollars are in uncirculated condition, with many retaining proof-like surfaces. Click the Maple Leaf image below to check out all of our Canadian silver products.

AUSTRALIAN 1 OZ SILVER COINS: The Perth Mint releases numerous silver coins annually, and remains one of the most popular and innovative mints in the world. The most popular releases each year include their staples, the Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala, Silver Kangaroo, and the Silver Lunar Series. Australia also released a unique 1 oz rectangular silver bullion Dragon coin for the first time ever in 2018 to add to its already impressive line up. Click the product image below to go check out all of our Perth Mint silver products, including the latest releases for 2020!

MEXICAN SILVER COINS: The Mexican Libertad, or Onza as it's also called, is Mexico's most cherished bullion coin. This is due to their often low mintage numbers and classic design. The obverse of the Mexican Silver Libertad features the Winged Victory Angel, also known as the Independence Angel of Mexico. The reverse depicts an eagle with a snake in its mouth surrounded by 10 images of Mexico's various national coats of arms, with the most current current one in its center. In addition to the current year and back dated Mexican 1 oz Silver Libertads, MintProducts also offers 1968 Mexican Olympic Silver 25 Pesos. Click the Libertad image below to view all of our silver Mexican coins.

CHINESE 1 OZ SILVER PANDAS: Chinese Silver Pandas, produced by the People's Republic of China, have been one of the most collected Silver bullion coins since their introduction back in 1989. Pandas are legal tender coins carrying a face value of 10 Yuan and are .999 fine silver. The reverse design changes each year displaying a beautifully designed panda or multiple pandas - a symbol of China. The obverse design features the Temple of Heaven. With mintages as low as 100,000 pieces, some are very scarce. 

With the 2015 issue, the coin's reverse did not contain the weight, metal content, and fineness inscriptions. However, the coin was still 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Beginning in 2016, the Silver Panda was changed from a 1 ounce coin to a 30 gram coin to follow the metric system. In terms of troy ounces, the 30 gram coin is .9645 oz of .999 fine Silver. Click the Panda image below to view our Silver Pandas and lock in your price!

SOUTH AFRICAN 1 OZ SILVER KRUGERRAND: In 2018, the South African Mint introduced the first ever Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Krugerrand! This silver bullion coin, featuring the likeness of Paul Kruger, quickly gained popularity. A more affordable way to collect the Krugerrand design, it made its way into numismatic silver collections and silver investment portfolios around the globe. 

Due to high demand, the South African Mint is released a 2019 issue. While Proof Krugerrands are solely manufactured by the South African Mint, the Uncirculated issues are a joint production effort between the SAM and the Rand Refinery. This coin will be sure to gain a massive following if Africa continues to produce them annually. Click the image below to check out our South African Silver Krugerrand inventory. 

SOMALIAN 1 OZ SILVER ELEPHANT: The Somalian 1 ounce silver Elephant coins are minted in Germany by the Bavarian State Mint. The African Wildlife Series has been popular among coin collectors since its inception in 2004. Each year a new design is released, but of course, always features the majestic Elephant! This years design is no exception and may be the most beautiful yet! The Somalian Elephant's popularity continues to grow year after year. Click the image of the 2020 coin below to check out our Silver Elephant coins!

BRITISH 1 OZ SILVER COINS: Since 1987, the Royal Mint of Great Britain has been issuing coins with what is known as the Britannia design introduced by sculptor Philip Nathan. The Silver Britannia was first minted in 1997 in a Silver Proof Set, prior to 1997, only Gold Britannias were issued. Inscriptions include 2 Pounds, Elizabeth II, and D.G. Reg. F.D. The portrait of Her Majesty is the fifth portrait seen on coinage. The reverse design is the same that has been used since the first Gold Britannias were issued in 1987. A female embodiment of Great Britain, know as Britannia, holds Poseidon's trident in one hand and an olive branch with the “Union Jack” shield in the other. She also wears a Corinthian Helmet and appears ready for battle.   

Recently, Great Britain has also introduced the 2 oz silver Queen's Beasts series. Coupled with other interesting 1 oz silver issues, the Royal Mint has been attracting more and more investors and collectors alike. Click the image below to check out all of our silver coins from the Royal Mint!

All world silver coins are backed by their respective sovereign governments. This ensures that the coins you are buying are the correct weight and metal content. It also means that the coins you receive are held to the highest quality standards on Earth.


A popular alternative to U.S and World silver bullion coins come in the form of bars and rounds. MintProducts carries a variety of different silver bars and rounds from several reputable private and sovereign mints from around the globe, such as the Sunshine Minting Inc., the Royal Canadian Mint, and SilverTowne just to name a few. We currently offer silver bars in sizes ranging from 1 to 100 ounces in both pressed and poured styles.

These Bars and Rounds are most popular among investors for their low premiums, easy liquidity, and although not as collectible as silver coins, many feature beautiful designs paying tribute to famous designs of the past.  

BEST SELLING SILVER BARS: Our most popular silver bars are made by the extremely reputable Sunshine Minting Inc and the Royal Canadian Mint. The most popular silver bar sizes include 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz. These bars are well made, cost effective and a tangible asset that can be liquidated at any time. Click the product image below to view all of our silver bars, as well as other silver bullion related items!

BEST SELLING SILVER ROUNDS: There are many different options when purchasing silver bullion rounds. Like silver bullion bars, these rounds are a great way to purchase silver as close to melt value as possible. Our most popular products include the Sunshine Minting 1 oz Rounds, the 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round, generic Silver Rounds, the popular Route 66 series, and the recent additions of the impressive silver bullet lineup. Click the Silver Buffalo Round below to view all of our silver rounds, as well as other silver bullion related items!


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