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1909-1958 500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!
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1909-1958 500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!

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1909-1958 500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!


  • Contains 500 coins in total. 
  • Guaranteed to include dates from the teens, 20's and 30's, as well as BU coins, 'S' mints and steel cents!

These bags are put together using a bin of wheat cents consisting of an ever changing mixture of dates, grades and mint marks! Not minted since 1958, these coins have all but disappeared from circulation. Unlike today's Lincoln cents though, they are nearly pure copper - except for the steel cents of course! Who knows just what you might find in these bags?

Customer Reviews
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5.00 (Votes: 20)
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  • A great buy. TWO indian head cents in nice shape, about 30 steel cents, most AU or BU, lots of variety, clean coins, only a couple had slight damage. Great family entertainment at the coin book table.
  • I ordered 1000 Wheats and just finished the initial sort. I received nearly 500 50's, more than 300 40's, just over 50 1943 steelies, a little over 100 30"s, about 25 20's, 25 10's and one Barber Dime. A few are damaged, drilled, or have unreadable dates making them fairly worthless.
  • In the 500 coin bag that I received there were: 36 from 1909-1919, 55 from the 20's, 90 from the 30's, 144 from the 40's, which included 29 steel cents, and 182 from the 50's. All were nice clean coins. The majority were P mints, but lots of other mint marks as well. As advertised, a great variety! Very pleased with this purchase!
  • Out of a bag of 500, there was one each for 1918, 1917, & 1919. there was two "S" coin, a two "D" coins out of 500. There was very little dispersion of dates with about or over 50 coins in the following dates 1936, 1935, 1926, 1925, 1929. and 1943. There was about 80 pennies from the 1950's. Out of 500 Pennies the following years had no pennies. 7 years in the teens, 5 years in the twenties, and 6 years in the 1930's. I am not sure what I am going to do with 300 pennies with only 4 different dates. On the plus side most of the pennies ranged from G to VF with a few in the XF and AU per D Bowers "Grading Coins by Photographs"
  • I ordered the 500 piece wheat cents and found everything they said I would PLUS they were clean !! In the past, when I have ordered from other companies they were corroded and badly worn!!! THESE WERE CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION. I PLAN TO BUY MORE !!!!!

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