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Mercury Dime Roll - Circulated Condition
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Ratings and Reviews of 1916-1945 50-Coin 90% Silver Mercury Dime Roll - Mixed Dates - Avg. Circ.

Score: 5.00 (votes: 23)
Reviews: 23
Score: 5.00 (votes: 23)
Reviews: 23
Rating of votes (23)
Customer Reviews
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  • Styg
    Nice coins for avg circulation. I bought 2 "rolls" (they actually come in a plastic bag) or 100 coins. 85% were 1941-1945. 14% were 1935-40; one was 1924. 34% were D or S mintmarks. Of course your draw will vary.
  • Ron Cota
    Nice "junk coins". Will add to my survival coins bag.
  • mark meyer
    Excellent condition, interesting assortment of dates, very prompt shipping. Highly recommended.
  • Anthony P
    Dimes came in a sturdy ziplock bag that was wrapped in a cardboard protector. It was a nice assortment of dates (all readable 1920s-1940s) and some had mint marks (D, S). Overall the dimes looked as pictured; some were better (imo at least XF) and had full bands. I look forward to placing more orders.
  • James Suggs
    Met or exceeded my expectations. Good to fine condition with good mix of dates.
  • Steven Kertesz
    I purchased 2 rolls of these coins with the intention of starting a set. After going through them I began filling in a folder with them. The coins are as described in the ad. I was happy with this purchase as usual.
  • Ken Ayres
    Was more than happy with my order of Mercury dimes...very impressed with the coin condition and variety of dates and mint marks. I will be ordering more of these in the future and recomend MintProducts to all my friends.
  • Eric
    Nice coins with a good mix of dates. Happy with this order.
  • Dan Norris
    A fine batch of coins. A good mix of dimes delivered very quickly.
  • P.M.
    My girls have been filling albums with these great selections.