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Mexican 2 Pesos Gold Coin - Random Date - BU
Mexican 2 Pesos Gold Coin - Random Date - BU Mexican 2 Pesos Gold Coin - Random Date - BU
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Ratings and Reviews of Mexican 2 Pesos Gold Coin - Random Date - BU

Score: 5.00 (votes: 9)
Reviews: 9
Score: 5.00 (votes: 9)
Reviews: 9
Rating of votes (9)
Customer Reviews
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  • wildturkey44
    These coins are great for those of us on a limited budget. Great way to invest in gold and nice looking coins as well.
  • Enrique
    These coins are another good option to start with gold, they are very famous in Mexico.
  • Shawn Mooney
    I was very happy with the quick shipping. However, I was not pleased with my coin. It is advertised as Uncirculated Condition, the one I received was definitely not. I will keep it since it is only bullion. I just prefer more shine and less dings. Probably just continue to go to my local coin shop and spend the extra few dollars. But there shipping is impeccable.
  • Jack
    Excellent condition. Very good price for this coin.
  • Glenn B.
    A tiny but beautiful uncirculated gold coin!
  • Neil Guerrero
    I recently bought one of these coins and think I got great value for the money. I don't have the means to buy ounces of gold, but this little coin provided a novice as myself to have a little bit of gold and sometimes from small things, big things may just follow. Thanks again fellows. Neil Guerrero
  • Dale L.
    This is the first Mexican gold I've ordered from MP. It is small but affordable if you're on a budget. I got this one on sale and I'm happy I did. Nice design and condition. Fast delivery too...Thanks MP
  • gerard brown
    Very happy with the coin, but I was disappointed when I went to buy another and they were out of stock
  • Michael Price
    These are some great fractionals! All of my orders (including previous orders) have always been filled with GREAT looking uncirculated...I may even say GEMS! I can always expect very nice examples of their listings when I order. THUMBS UP!