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1909-1958 2,500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!
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1909-1958 2,500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!

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1909-1958 2,500-Coin Lincoln Wheat Cent Bags - Superior Mix of Dates!


  • Contains 2,500 coins in total. 
  • Guaranteed to include dates from the teens, 20's and 30's, as well as BU coins, 'S' mints and steel cents!

These bags are put together using a bin of wheat cents consisting of an ever changing mixture of dates, grades and mint marks! Not minted since 1958, these coins have all but disappeared from circulation. Unlike today's Lincoln cents though, they are nearly pure copper - except for the steel cents of course! Who knows just what you might find in these bags?

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  • Awesome product and price well worth every penny hahahaha. Will be ordering the 5000 wheat penny bag next.
  • Let's start by stating the obvious: This is a LOT to look through and I'll need more time to go through the entire bag! I decided to simplify as much as possible by just grabbing 2 handfuls out of the bag without looking just to get a random sampling. I sorted each piece by specific date and mintmark and ended up with 48 stacks. Most stacks are between 1 and 6 coins high. The high stack was 1946 with 18 pieces. I had a stack of 6 steel cents from 1943 and several pieces I would rate as AU (about uncirculated) from the '50s. As far as piece count goes, there was 1 from 1909, 7 from 1910 to 1919, 6 from the 20's, 8 from the 30's, 86 from the 40's, and 17 from the 50's which totals up at 135 pieces. Using the Whitman official red book I would say grading range is between AU at best and between VG and G at worst.
    In closing I have to say I am happy with and they have earned my trust.
  • A great selection of 40's & 50's mixed with a few teens and 30's and that with 2 hand fulls off the top of the bag. I just bought a second bag as the quality of the coins were good too.
  • As described I pulled only one handful about 75 coins and had some from the whole range including a 1909 and several with mint marks. Grades were from good to au. I don't fully search these just will grab a random handful to make sure they are what I ordered and put them away for an inheritance so I was well pleased.
  • good mix. good color. good deal!

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