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All U.S. Coin Sets

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Items: 5180 of 80

Here you will find all the complete coin sets MintProducts has to offer! We provide a wide selection of U.S. coin sets by denomination that come housed in Dansco Albums and Harris/Whitman Folders. Ranging from U.S. Cents through Modern U.S. Dollars, we have something for everyone!

We focus on sending only the highest quality sets on the market. Some sets can be difficult to complete and can only be done by carefully removing coins from U.S. Mint issued packaging! Check out the complete sets we sell below. Don't see a set in the condition, grade, or type you are looking for?  Contact us via phone at 1-866-665-6468, email us at, or chat via LiveChat and we'd be happy to help you put together the set you desire. 

  • Complete Cent Sets: 
    • 1909-1940 P-D-S Complete 90 Coin Lincoln Cent Sets - Upgrade Available!
    • 1934-2017 254 Coin Uncirculated and Proof Lincoln Cent Sets
    • 1943 P-D-S Steel Cent Sets - Choice Uncirculated Condition
    • 44 Coin Lincoln Cent Type Sets - Includes Proofs!
  • Complete Nickel Sets:
    • 1913-1938 Complete 65 Coin Buffalo Nickel Sets
    • 1938-1964 71 Coin Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel Sets
    • 1942-45 War Nickel Sets - Choice Uncirculated Condition
    • 1942-45 War Nickel Sets - Very Good - Extremely Fine Condition
    • 1965-2017 160 Coin Jefferson Nickels Sets - Includes Proofs!
    • Complete 13 Coin Westward Journey Nickel Sets - Plus Free Old Buffalo Nickel
  • Complete Dime Sets:
    • 1916-1945 78 Coin Complete Mercury Dime Sets
    • 1946-1964 49 Coin Uncirculated Roosevelt Dime Sets
    • 1965-2017 181 Coin Roosevelt Dime Sets - Includes Proofs!
  • Complete Quarter Sets:
    • 1941-1964 61 Coin Uncirculated Washington Quarter Sets
    • Complete 100 Roll Set of P& D Mint State Quarters
    • 1965-1998 63 Coin Uncirculated Washington Quarter Sets
    • 1999-2008 200 Coin State Quarter Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 1999-2008 100 Coin State Quarter Sets - Upgrade to Include D.C. & U.S. Territories Available!
    • 2009 24 Coin D.C. & U.S. Territories Complete Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 2010-2016 National Parks Quarter Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 2010-2017 National Parks Uncirculated Quarter Sets
  • Complete Half Dollar Sets:
    • 1892-1915 73 Coin Barber Half Dollar Sets
    • 1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sets
    • 1941-1947 20 Coin Walking Liberty Half Dollar Sets - Upgrade Available!
    • 1964-2017 182 Coin Kennedy Half Dollar Sets - Includes Proofs!
    • Complete 35 Coin Circulated Franklin Half Dollar Sets
    • Complete 35 Coin AU/BU Franklin Half Dollar Sets
    • Complete 35 Coin Uncirculated Franklin Half Dollar Sets
    • 1964-2017 100 Coin Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar Sets
  • Complete Silver Dollar Sets(1878-1935):
    • Complete Morgan Silver Dollar Year Sets - Upgrade Available
    • Complete Circulated Peace Dollar Sets
    • Complete AU/BU Peace Dollar Sets
  • Complete Modern Dollar Sets (1971-Present):
    • 1971-1978 32 Coin Eisenhower Dollar Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 1979-1999 15 Coin Susan B. Anthony Dollar Sets - Includes Proofs!
    • 1979-1999 18 Coin Susan B. Anthony Dollar Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 2007-2016 Complete Presidential Dollar Sets - Includes All Proofs!
    • 2007-2016 Complete Uncirculated Presidential Dollar Sets
    • 2000-2017 54 Coin Sacagawea / Native American Dollar Sets - Includes Proofs!
  • Silver Eagle Sets:
    • 1986-2019 Complete Gem BU Silver Eagle Sets
    • 1986-2019 Complete Gem Proof Silver Eagle Sets
    • Complete 1986-2019 Gem BU and Gem Proof Silver Eagle Sets
    • 1986-2019 Certified NGC MS-69 Silver Eagle Sets
    • 1986-2019 Certified NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo Silver Eagle Sets
  • Miscellaneous Coin Sets:
    • 31 Coin 20th Century Type Sets
    • Five Coin Seated Liberty Type Sets
    • Five Coin Barber Type Sets
    • Five Coin Standing Liberty Type Sets


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